Schneider Carbon Footprint Initiative

November 29, 2022by admin

Epitome has committed to reducing its carbon emmission by 50% till  the year 2025.

How can we create a climate-positive world and deliver lasting decarbonisation?

Schneider Electric leads the way to a climate-positive world through digital transformation and next-generation automation solutions with decarbonisation goals at our core. As a climate partner, committed to engaging with sustainable growth on all fronts, Schneider Electric has an electricity sourcing strategy that leverages renewable energy to deliver green impact targets. Our innovation portfolio helps us move towards a climate-positive world through continuous investments and developments in reliable and green energy for immediate and lasting net-zero operations. Explore the carbon pledge that lays out our ambitious end-to-end decarbonisation plan to put us on track to net-zero by 2050. We partner with our customers and suppliers to deploy our climate-positive EcoStruxure software and solutions that enable them to effectively save CO2 emissions from their homes, buildings, grids, data centres, and industries. Discover Energy as a Service (EaaS), an emerging concept for alternative funding of energy resilience programmes that helps upgrade electrical infrastructure and enhance sustainability with innovative microgrids solutions. Our experts, well-versed in global corporate sustainability initiatives, including carbon reduction programmes, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and supply chain initiatives, train our clients to accelerate their journey to net-zero and climate leadership. Our decarbonisation commitments, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a climate-positive world, help our partners set up measurable, innovative corporate sustainability strategies that make the most of available energy, resources, and people to bridge resilience and sustainability.